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The site for properties that needs to be renovated!


Are you looking for a house to renovate? Then you are at the right place at klaaromteklussen.nl! When you’re handy or/and you have possibilities for a construction depot, you can make your own dreamhouse.

We are co-operating with real estate agents throughout the country, so there is new offer on our website everyday. The houses on our site are not our properties, but we can connect you with the real estate office that sells or rents the house. We don’t charge any costs for that.

You can leave your contact details and we will keep in touch! If you don’t find your dream house today, maybe you’ll have more luck tomorrow! Regularly we post houses on our Facebookpage.

Real estate agencies and developers

Does your agency has offer to renovate? Klaaromteklussen.nl places houses to renovate or new construction houses on our website, you can copy your offer to our website.

Discover our benefits.


  • We only place the offer of professionals, like real estate offices and developers.
  • Your contact details will be placed next to your houses on our website.
  • Our website is very clearly and friendly to use.
  • Extra exposure via our website and our Social media canals.
  • We are connected partner of Realworks and Goes&Roos. Join us for free, so your offer is always up to date.


We are a young agency, started from a passion of real estate. Our team is professional and dedicated. You can recognize that in our work, in our partners and our projects.

We would like to help you find your dream house. That is our favorite thing to do!