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Frequently Asked Questions

Klaaromteklussen.nl is an independent platform for home seekers throughout the country, with renovation houses at one site. You can find properties that have to be renovated or new constructions. Find more info at: about us.

We are co-operating with a lot of real estate agents throughout the country, so there is new offer on our website everyday. You can take a look at our map, to check out the current offer. Look at: search on map

The contact details of the real estate agent or developer will be placed next to every house on our website. You can check out the details by clicking on ‘contact’. You also have the possibility to leave your contact details, so the real estate agent can contact you.

You can sign up on our website via ‘free sign up’. The latest offer will be send to you by e-mail.

Unfortunately this happens a lot. You’re too late or you want to make an offer on a house and other people overbid you. Luckily we can help you. We can get you in contact with a good real estate agent. We also regularly offer houses that or not on the market yet. These houses are in the middle of a development. Would you like to get more information about this, you can contact our office by 070-2050213 or info@klaaromteklussen .nl.

It is very important to know how much you can spend on a house. We can contact you with a good mortgage advisor. He or she can tell you more about how much mortgage you can get. The first appointment is completely free and optional. To get in contact you can reach us via 070-2050213 or info@klaaromteklussen.nl.

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